About us

Company History

L&J Maintenance Pte Ltd is a Singapore based commercial maintenance organisation that has been providing exceptional services for the past 25 years. A customer’s first impression is established before they walk through your front door. L&J understands the importance of our customer’s image. That’s why our main focus is to create customized, commercial maintenance solutions for each individual client. Our job is to keep your facility looking its best at all times. With our flexible janitorial service plans tailored to meet each individual client’s specific needs and budget, everything from office cleaning programs to complete facility management, L&J has been able to continually simplify office cleaning and janitorial services. We are dedicated and committed to a higher standard of janitorial service and a healthier office environment. We have the resources and expertise to get the job done.

L&J’s customized service plans are designed specifically for each individual client. You tell us what you want and we provide it. As an L&J Maintenance services customer, you have the advantage of obtaining multiple services under one contract with a single point of contact, making it easy for you to outsource these functions without administrative headaches. In everything we do, you’ll see how we’ve earned a reputation for integrity and high levels of performance. You will be assigned a personal site supervisor who creates a customized maintenance program for your facility or office. Our operations team contacts you regularly to ensure your satisfaction with our janitorial service. If there are any cleaning concerns, they will be addressed at once.

Our Mission

  • To retain consistency in the provision of our high quality cleaning services.
  • To maintain our breadth in range of specialisms by retaining staff knowledge & experience.
  • Resource focus on maintaining cleaning standards with existing staff and company growth.
  • Maintaining our existing clients by maintaining excellence in our provision of services and encouraging referrals to new and potential clients through our quality services and price.
  • Investment in the training and development of staff, equipment and company growth to the benefit of all.
  • By constantly seeking out new contractors around the UK with whom we can work with. By investing time and resources to ensuring that these contractors consistently work to our standards.

Our Vision

Through a commitment to excellence and continual investment in our people we seek to become the leading brand name within the cleaning industry nationwide.

Skilled Crew

L&J Maintenance offer skilled, experienced staff to work for our customers to meet their needs. When our supervisors and managers are well trained, who benefits? You as the customer. We believe in good quality service and will not allow our supervisor to janitor’s ratio to exceed 1:15 .This Measure has helped the company to provide consistent service with out compromising service quality.

Mobile Team

Besides the cleaning crew who are stationed on site , we also have mobile teams on stand-by to carry out all periodic jobs for our contract clients and as well as ad-hoc requests. In the event of absenteeism or manpower shortages on site, these mobile team cleaners will stand-in as relief cleaners.

Risks & Rewards

In the event of any undesirable situation, we guarantee cover in the shortest time possible. When you have problems with one of our employees, your needs and concerns shall be paramount to us and we will do anything possible to satisfy your needs. We won’t fail you. We will strive to serve you. If unforeseeable events interfere with our work, we guarantee to redo the job and compliment you for lost time.


Our public liability is up to S$1 million and all our staffs are covered under the workmen compensation act.


We are equipped with a wide range of latest machinery and access equipment which will be used at your premises.

Cost Saving

We provide proper preventive maintenance to different finishes thus extending your recurring cost.

Diverse services

We provide a wide range of services which includes: Janitorial and cleaning services, provision of full/part time cleaners, contract cleaners, kitchen cleaning, leisure cleaning, warehouse & distribution centre cleaning, outdoor & indoor event cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning, carpet & rug cleaning, disinfection services, restaurant & pub cleaning, churches, synagogues & temples, church care-taker services, Washroom Equipment/Supplies, landscape and horticultural services and high rise building cleaning services.

To honor God in all we do

Faithful adherence to a strong moral and ethical ideal should guide all aspects of a company’s operation, as well as one’s personal life. It is not an expression of a particular religious belief, or a basis for exclusion. Rather, it is a mandate for inclusion. and a constant reminder for us to do the right thing in the right way. We encourage everyone in our L & J organisation to live by principles of honesty, fairness and diligence.


  • All cleaners employed will be required to undergo cleaning courses and attain the WSQ (Work Skills Qualification) by which time, all staff would have been trained in handling equipment ,basic safety in handling chemicals and have general housekeeping responsibilities.
  • All staffs would be trained to spot and report, malfunctioning of utilities, pipe leakage, chocked drains and minor building defects.
  • All our equipment and machines will be regularly inspected, reviewed and replaced to ensure it’s functionality.

Our Approach

L & J Maintenance services strives for excellence in cleaning, which encompasses the entire cleaning lifecycle. We aim to deliver:

  • Accountable and responsive project management.
  • Prompt and accurate quotes and tender submissions.
  • Complete and thorough health and safety protocols to provide safe systems of work.
  • Supply of professionally trained and courteous cleaning staff.
  • Island wide coverage leveraging our network of reliable cleaning partners.
  • Service solutions that evolve in line with client demands.
  • Consistent approach to quality assurance that is ISO 9001 certified.
  • Responsible and conscious approach to the environment that is in line with ISO 14001 certification.
  • Customer care that is customer centric.

Our company strategy for 2020 is inward investment to enable progressive growth, whilst ensuring the safeguarding of our existing client relationships and company’s aims.

Quality Guarantee

Approved procedures that are constantly monitored, and reliant on responding quickly and effectively to our client’s feedback.

We believe that quality should be inherent in all our operational processes. Our quality assurance Our Cleaning Quality Guarantee is an on-going partnership, based on the implementation of policy is applied at all staff levels, to all procedures, and materials / equipment used in our cleaning service. Our quality policy is structured to not only raise the standard of cleaning initially, but to consistently maintain these standards throughout the contract.

We meet our clients’ needs head on; evolving our operational processes and ability to deliver improved services in line with customer demands. We’re also consistently looking at ways to improve our operational performance to bring cost savings to our customers.

We motivate and engage with our staff with internal processes and training programmes to ensure we retain the best people. This directly reflects on the professionalism our clients experience from our operatives and their work.

How We Operate

We understand the time pressures which are associated with certain cleans and are able to mobilise a cleaning team quickly and efficiently to meet our client’s requirements.

With all our cleaning partners we only work with providers which we know deliver the same high standard of cleaning as L & J Maintenance services.

We only Specialise in Cleaning. It’s our Focus and Our Passion.

We’ve used the past 25 years to build both our own in-house specialist cleaning teams and to develop relationships with independent cleaning contractors, which enables us to meet even the most demanding of cleaning challenges.

Both teams are backed up by our centralised management and support structure, which allows us to deliver a robust and consistent approach to professional cleaning.

We pride ourselves on working at a local level, partnering with local cleaning contractors, to complete local cleans. All our cleaning partners are supported through the national support network, which we have built over the past 25-years.

When you next want a reliable, forward-thinking cleaning company get in touch with L & J Maintenance services – we’d love to hear from you. For a free site survey and quote contact us at: 83632544 or 62502118 or email us at: sales@ljmaintenancesvcs.com.sg